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Dr. Clarke was born and raised in the United Kingdom and gained his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nottingham (UK), his Master’s Degree in Religious Studies from the University of Derby (UK), and his Ph.D. in theology from the University of Birmingham (UK) in 2003.

Dr. Clarke has taught theology at the University of Nottingham for five years before moving to Ghana as a Professor of theology teaching in various theological institutions.


Dr. Clarke was also a part of the founding team that established the Pan African Christian University College in Accra, Ghana, and served as a Professor and Dean from 2002 – 2007.


In 2008 he was appointed Professor of Intercultural Studies at Regent University, Virginia. He served in this position until April 2017. In 2017 Dr. Clarke accepted the role as the Assistant Provost and professor at Fuller Theological Seminary.


Dr. Clarke is currently the Research Fellow at Queens Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Studies and a Professor at Lee University, where he teaches on an adjunct basis. He is the author of eight books, the most recent being The Love remedy: The Cure for a Racially Divided World


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